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Introduction to Loro's Rich Text CRDT

This article presents the rich text CRDT algorithm implemented in Loro, complying with [Peritext]'s criteria for seamless rich text collaboration. Furthermore, it can be built on top of any List CRDT algorithms and turn them into rich text CRDTs. Read more →


Loro: Reimagine State Management with CRDTs

Loro, our high-performance CRDTs library, is now open source. In this article, we share our vision for the local-first software development paradigm, why we're excited about it, and the current status of Loro. Read more →


crdt-richtext - Rust implementation of Peritext and Fugue

Presenting a new Rust crate that combines Peritext and Fugue's power with impressive performance, tailored specifically for rich text. This crate's functionality is set to be incorporated into Loro, a general-purpose CRDT library currently under development. Read more →